Estiatorio Milos

For many years I’ve been hearing mixed reviews about Milos (also known as Estiatorio Milos). Some say it’s amazing, some say it’s overrated. After my second attempt at making a reservation, allow me to spark your curiosity through my experience.

The restaurant is located on the Plateau Mont-Royal, which you can already guess, has very limited parking space. The great news about this upscale restaurant is that they offer valet service for those who hate to look for parking spots. Unless you’re like my brother Charly who chooses these random VIP parking spots and gets these tickets for 50$ from the city. Please, don’t be a Charly.

The service is everything that I value and expect: Personal, meticulous and attentive.  This comes from everybody that works in the restaurant, from the valet staff, the hostess to the waiter. They truly deserve  my respect and five stars. If you don’t believe me, go see yourself. There is a lot to learn from this restaurant.

We ordered the following:

Milos special, grilled octopus and crab cake, lobster pasta, baklava with homemade baklava ice cream.

If you are a sucker for potato chips and fries, yet want to be somewhat healthy, I highly suggest you order the Milos Special. When I first asked my sister what was her top 3 dish at Milos, I couldn’t believe what was so special about these fried zucchinis and eggplants- I mean, they are literally just fried vegetables right?. Boy I was wrong. These paper thin sliced vegetable with a tzatziki dipping sauce were a perfect balance of tanginess, crunch, with the savoury taste of garlic. A definite must if you want to instantly open your appetite for more goodness at Milos.


I wish the grilled octopus was somewhat more tangy but I blame it on the slight obsession of citrusy-vinegar flavour.  Like my boyfriend would say “You want you to be able to taste the fresh ingredient” and he’s right.  I personally like my octopus with a little bit of texture and not overly tender. Milos prepared this dish to the perfection.

Crab cake has always been one of those costly dish that you never know if it will be a hit or miss, hence the reason why I rarely order them when I dine out. Crab cake just has tendency to be either overly salty or just not enough crab meat- a slight sting when you pay 30$ for a starter. As a passionate food lover, it is extremely important to voice your opinion and support businesses you truly believe in- so I did. The kind gentleman reassured me that this was one of the highly ordered starter on their menu and I would not be disappointed. He was right. The crab cake had the perfect crab meat and batter ratio, in fact I would confirm that it even had more crab meat than batter.

Despite the fact that I was already full after our third starter, I was still convinced that I had to have the full-on experience at Milos and ordered the lobster pasta. Regardless of the waist line consequence, I knew I had to do it. The lobster pasta was mouthwatering and the highlight of my night. If I can describe this dish in few words it would be: Perfection and worth every single penny (I guess this is more than a few words, but you get what I mean). The thought of this dish still makes me salivate to this day. This 50$ pasta was served with an entire lobster and a light creamy tomato sauce. Yes, this may not be your typical asian-priced meal but if you are going to go to Milos, please do me a favour and order yourself a lobster pasta. It’s that good.

They say you always have room for desserts, so we finished our night with baklava with baklava ice cream. Unfortunately there was nothing spectacular about the baklava, it was just unnecessarily overly sweet. In fact if you are looking for the ultimate best baklava in Montreal, I can show you the place. Pâtisserie Au Blé D’Or in the West-Island has to be the best one in town. This bakery has converted and convinced many people to have a sweet-tooth. You will never be able to just have one, trust me one that one. Back to reviewing our final meal, what I could guarantee you was the baklava ice cream was out of this world, it had the perfect balance of crunchiness and sweetness from the chopped nuts and phyllo dough. If there is an option to just order the ice cream, go for it.

For those who are searching for an inexpensive menu yet would still like to try Milos, there is a special for 25$ between 10:00pm and 12:00am. Choices are very limited but delicious as well, i’m sure.

Milos, you deserve 4.8/ 5 stars
Where have I been all this time?
This was certainly a meal long overdue and well deserved.

Service: 4.8/5
Food: 4.8/5
Ambience: 5/5

Estiatorio Milos
5357 Av du Parc, Montréal, QC H2V 4G9
(514) 272-3522


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